Press Clippings: Essays and Interviews on the Future

The initial listing of predictions about the future has been collected from our previous years' efforts and other recommended sources.

We'd love to see your clippings here as well! Please use the edit this page button to add more, or add comments on how or why you think they may or may not be important. As is the convention throughout the Horizon Project Wiki, we ask you to identify items you think are of high interest to us, as I have done here by typing 4 tilde (~) characters-- - alan alan Aug 26, 2010 (note - to keep the wiki clean, plus put spaces on either side of your marks). This will help us to sift through the articles and determine which ones resonate most strongly with the board as a whole.

Recommended Reading

Tim O’Reilly: The University as an Open iPhone Platform
In this video, Tim O’Reilly asks how universities can achieve the success of things such as the iPhone and Facebook by following open-source models od development? How can they let developers (in this case, the professors) innovate and distribute content to users (students) in new and efficient ways? - KeeneH KeeneH Aug 20, 2010- philip.poronnik philip.poronnik Aug 25, 2010 - paul.mckey paul.mckey Aug 27, 2010